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Privacy Policy

Our website has committed itself to protect the personal data of its customers. The necessary processing of your personal data is subject to these terms and the provisions of the Greek law (L. 2472/1997 as it is valid and it has been supplemented by the decisions of the Authority for Personal Data Protection, the Presidential Decrees 207/1998 and 79/2000) and the European law (Directive 95/46 EC and 97/66/EC). Subject to the provisions of the Article 7A p. 1, c. b, v. b of the Law 2472/1997, our website does not distribute to any third natural or legal person, organization, corporation any information concerning its users and customers.

Any user/customer can browse our website without giving any personal information. Only, on the receiving/filling of an order, our website requests the necessary, relevant information in order to carry it out. “Cookies”* may be used in order to enhance your experience.

We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. We have specifically implemented Google Advertising Reporting features, like Audience Demographics and Interests Reporting that help us better understand users behaviour on our site, develop our advertizing strategy and further apply remarketing tactics. If users would like to prevent their data from being used by Google Analytics, they can do so here.

Types of information we collect

MABELY PRIME HOTELS S.A. collects information about our guests and visitors to our web-sites so that we can provide an experience that is responsive to our guests' and visitors' needs. We endeavor to collect information only with your knowledge and with your permission if necessary. The types of personally identifiable information that we collect may include your name, home, work and e-mail addresses, telephone and fax numbers, credit card information, date of birth, gender, and lifestyle information such as room preferences, leisure activities, names and ages of children, and other information necessary to fulfill special requests (e.g., health conditions that require special room accommodations).

MABELY PRIME HOTELS S.A. may also collect non-personally identifiable information about you, such as your use of our web-site, communication preferences, travel habits, aggregated data relative to your stays, and responses to promotional offers and surveys.



Purpose for collection, processing, and disclosure


Collection & Use

MABELY PRIME HOTELS S.A. is fully committed to providing you with information about the collection and use of personally identifiable information (PII) furnished by, or collected from, visitors while using our web-site, products and services. It is our practice not to ask you for information unless we need it or intend to use it. Some of the primary purposes for collecting your PII are as follows:

  • providing services such as processing a transaction (e.g., making a reservation, fulfilling a request for information, or completing a product order)

  • marketing and communications with you in relation to the products and services offered at Mabely Grand Hotel by MABELY PRIME HOTELS S.A., our strategic marketing partners, and other trusted third parties

  • performing market research via surveys to better serve your needs, improve the effectiveness of our web-site, your experience, our various types of communications, advertising campaigns, and/or promotional activities

    You will always be offered the choice not to submit your PII or to decide what communications you want to receive from us.



In some cases your permission will be implied from the nature of the service requested or transaction undertaken. For example, MABELY PRIME HOTELS S.A. may collect and use personally identifiable information that you volunteer, or behavioral data or information collected in the aggregate. In addition, your permission will be deemed given for communications from us that are necessary to fulfill transactions and services that you request.



Access to personally identifiable information

To ensure that your personally identifiable information (PII) is accurate and up to date, we encourage you to regularly review and update your information as appropriate (e.g., in the event your home or e-mail address changes, or you wish to add an additional method for us to communicate with you). If, upon review, you wish to remove your PII from our database, we will endeavor to honor your request consistently with applicable law. Occasionally, information that you request to be removed will be retained in certain files for a period of time in order to properly resolve disputes or to troubleshoot technical problems.


MABELY PRIME HOTELS S.A. may use cookies, invisible pixels, and web beacons to obtain information about you while visiting our web-sites. A cookie is a very small text file that is sent to your browser from a web server and stored on your computer's hard drive. It assigns the computer with a unique identifier, which in turn, becomes your identification card whenever you return to the Mabely Grand Hotel web-site.

Cookies are designed to save you time because they help us to provide you with a customized experience without you having to remind us of your preferences each time you return to our web-pages. Cookies of the Mabely Grand Hotel web-site are not designed to damage your files, nor can they read information from other files on your computer hard drive.

Cookies can also help us provide you with a personalized on-line experience in the following ways:

  • they remember your user name and password for future visits so log-in is easier and faster

  • they ensure you are provided with the appropriate frames and content

  • they ensure you obtain all requested information

  • they help us deliver communications that are relevant and responsive to your interests

    and location

Contact us

If you would like to access and/or correct your PII, object to the processing of your PII by MABELY PRIME HOTELS S.A., update your information, modify your communication preferences, or if you do not want to receive marketing communications regarding Mabely Grand Hotel in the future, or if you have comments or questions regarding MABELY PRIME HOTELS S.A.'s data privacy practices or this Privacy Policy, you may contact MABELY PRIME HOTELS S.A. by choosing the most convenient method from the following:

by e-mail:

by telephone: +30 26950 41302 by fax: +30 26950 41301

by writing to us at:


Amerikis 23 St., 10672, Athens, Greece

Attention: Marketing - Consumer Affairs - Privacy



Updates to the Privacy Policy

MABELY PRIME HOTELS S.A. may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time in order to meet changes in the regulatory environment, business needs, or to satisfy the needs of our guests, properties, strategic marketing partners, and service providers. Updated versions will be posted to our web-site and date stamped so that you are always aware of when the Privacy Policy was last updated.

Revised: 25 May 2018


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